Meet Your Google Apps Bi101 Team

If you want extraordinary results, treat people extraordinarily!"

Teresa Wager - Customer Service Specialist

"I have been a Bi101'er for over 6 years now, I take great joy and pride in building long term business relationships with all our customers. We at Bi101 help illuminate a simple but powerful approach to work and the power of the cloud drives this innovative thinking."

Bill BoughtonAccount Manager

''Cloud computing is more than just an IT change; it is a company direction, thought process and business decision that allows companies to truly thrive.  Working at Bi101 allows me to touch and help as many customers as possible achieve this goal."  

Tyler Rankin - Client Services Engineer

"I pride myself on finding the best solutions that are tailor-made for each customer's needs. Beyond that, I look for ways to empower our customers, so that they may quickly solve repeat issues and focus more on their day-to-day." 

Andrew Fantone - Client Services Engineer

"Cloud-based solutions and services give companies a competitive edge and refocuses their efforts towards making better, faster decisions. Delivery of best-in class messaging and collaboration in a secure environment are highlights to what Bi101 can help you with in transitioning to the cloud."