Postini Transition

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Postini customers through Bi101 are slated for a Q2 transition, beginning with those just utilizing GMS, followed by GME and GMD customers. At this time there is no immediate action required on your part, though you may begin to prepare for the transition by completing a few simple steps:
  1. Update your firewall to allow Google IPs as well as Postini.
  2. Familiarize yourself with Postini features that are no longer relevant in the modern, scalable Google Apps environment.
  3. Clean up your current Postini infrastructure by removing non-active users, old filters, and old rules that are no longer used. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Google Apps Message Security Console with the video below. 
Features Available Now:
  • Quarantine Summary (screenshots), Quarantine Summary on-demand
  • Copy Settings
  • Vault Targeted Legal Hold
  • SMTP Relay Service
  • Secure Transport Compliance (TLS) upgrades to support GME customers

Tentative Release for Other Features:
  • Q2 - Online Reporting in the Admin Console
  • Q2 - Message Center
  • Q2 - Admin Quarantine
  • Q2 - Admin Undelete
  • H2 - End user access to Vault
Check out the Feature Comparisons and Roadmap links to Google's Postini Transition Resource Center here.

April 9th Updates:

In this Hangout on Air recording, the Postini Transition Team provides a general transition update and timeline, shares special plans for EDU and non-profit customers, and answers questions during a 15-minute Q&A session.

March 25th Update:
The update below is a general transition update from Google that touches on the ability to complete a step-by-step transition for advanced customers in order to test each stage to ensure a seamless transition. 

Next transition update from Google for Bi101 Customers: April 2, 2014

Life After Postini - Message Security in Google Apps

The reason why it has taken so long for the transition to begin taking place, is that Google wanted to get it right the first time around. Google is waiting until they have achieved similar functionality within the Google Apps platform until they begin inviting users to transition. With that said, you will find that your pricing and terms will not change for the same service you receive today.

As it stands, Bi101 customers will not begin being transitioned until Q2 2014 (April-June). Bi101 customers will receive communication from Bi101 when they are asked to transition and will be given a 60 day window to do so. This will be an easy process, only involving a few steps such as updating MX Records and accepting the Google IP range. 

And as always, Bi101 is here to help you throughout this process!

For more information on the transition, please feel free to give us a call or check out the Official Postini Transition site. Your account may even qualify for a free trial of Google Apps for Business!